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…me smile and keep me warm of course. I think that’s the most important thing, for sure. But that doesn’t mean, you can’t with style. Some people think in winter you don’t have to keep an eye on what you are wearing, as long as it keeps you warm and cozy. And some also have the wrong assumption, that winter styles don’t look fashionable. 

I don’t have to tell you, that’s not true. Especially in winter you can experiment a lot. Combining different styles and play around with various layers. Of course, make always sure that you don’t freeze and you stay warm enough. That’s the main goal of getting dressed in winter. However, still try to pay attention on what to combine color-wise but also make sure to wear well fitted and fashionable pieces. 

Classic Look
Even in business, you can try out new things. Wearing a turtle neck underneath a suit is very stylish to me. Or add a highlight with a colorful scarf matching the overall outfit and especially the shoes. 

Trendy Look
When it comes to more casual clothing you are more flexibel of course. Try out various jackets with different materials you haven’t worn before. What about a leather jeacket in brown stuffed with fleece? It’s so stylish and cozy at the same time. 

In general, just try out new things, keep your eyes open in the streets and get inspired by the people around you. 

Outfit 1: Zalando Classic
Outfit 2: Zalando Trendy

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