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..the healthiest addiction. They say. And well, I cannot say any word against it. For everyone who has the (financial) gift and opportunity to travel – just do it! As I’ve mentioned in the last article, it is important to step out of your comfort zone. And for me, traveling (alone!) shows exactly if you’re able to do that or not. We know that traveling broadens our horizon, gives us different chances to see many different cultures and lets our personality grow.

Besides all of these aspects, traveling alone really forces you to trust some strangers and not your familiar comfort zone including family, friends and therefore your home. You need to communicate with people you haven’t met before, act in situations you haven’t been, speak in languages, which are not your mother tongue. The balance we know is simply not given in these moments. And I’m sure that this is exactly what we need to get to know ourselves better and to find our purpose.

Sure, traveling with your beloved ones is also a way to see the world. But let’s be honest: You are not facing the whole experience of traveling and growing then and you’re not leaving your comfort zone. You don’t need courage to get to know the things on your own as you can just confide in your counterpart. In addition to that, we all know that there are many moments everyone has to compromise, unless it’s about two people, who complement each other and share the same interests, characteristics (e.g. open minded, curious).

I’m just about to plan to visit cities and countries I have never seen before. Such as for example South America or some Asian regions like Bali, Japan, China or even to Down Under. Some of the trips on my own, some with family and friends. The list is long!

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