Vegan for 1 month – how it was to change to…
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…completely plantbased nutrition. As you might know I decided to do a late «Veganuary». Well, what is a «Veganuary» and why late? «Veganuary» is a movement which is done by many people all around the world trying to eat vegan only in the month of January

Where to get the inspiration from…
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…is indeed a good question I get asked quite often. And I have to admit it’s not always easy to be creative, to come up with new ideas and projects. But this is actually what our job is all about, right? And I think it’s for everyone the same working in a creative job such as artists, painters, comedians, entertainers, authors, singers and many many more.

From one winter paradise…
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…to the other. Yes, I can admit that I am a winter lover, but I have to add, I only love it when there lies snow. So what I can’t handle is the cold, just the cold, without any snow, just the grey and foggy cold. This is something I really don’t like. 

Brush your teeth, even…
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...if you feel way too busy or just too tired after a long working day and/or drunk after partying til 5am in the morning. The same goes for the face. To clean the face as well as brushing your teeth is simply a must – no matter what. There are simply no excuses. Just because of the fact it is really important and the basics you need for a proper appearance. 

All I want for Christmas is…
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Well… What do I want? I do have everything I could wish for and I’m really grateful for that. All I can wish for is time. Time… Well, what a word these days, isn't it? Something we all want to have but no one really got. So I just wish a lot of time and that the time is not running that fast as it does actually. In the end, I just think that it’s quite simple. It’s just a matter of priorities – nothing else. 

It’s all about cozy sweaters…
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…and the Christmas ones are the best during that time of the year. I could wear them quite often, since they are just the perfect piece to wear having temperatures below 10 degrees. Combining them with one or two additional layers and a scarf does even work for the cold winter days. And well, there are really cool pieces in all the shops. Yeah, we all know the “lovely” Christmas sweaters (mostly knitted) we always got during our childhood as “the perfect gift” for Christmas and birthdays. Unfortunately, they were not as cool and fashionable as today.