BMWi3 – The joy of electric driving…
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…in a sustainable and responsible way. Time is changing – unstoppable. Everything has to be even better, bigger, cooler and above all: faster. Because we don't have time anyway. Time is money and cash is king. Nevertheless, it is important to take the time to think about significant changes in our life or lifestyle.

Back in shape - in style...
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Christmas is over – at least for me. The years when we had extended Christmas festivities over 3-4 days are past. However, it’s not less beautiful or even less meaningful. It’s even the opposite.

Always wear what…
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…you want! YOU. It’s about your life, so you decide. Not your parents, your brother or sister or your friends, not the magazines. Sure everyone can give you advice in case something really looks unflattering to you and you don’t seem to notice it or you can get inspired by the latest fashion trends.