Winter got us like...
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I’m not that sad, that I missed this last weekend in Switzerland. Winter has arrived in my home country. Mother Hulda was quite happy to let it snow many many centimeters in the whole area I’m living in.

I ain't no superstar, but…
Outfit: Adidas Originals

…I just love to wear them. Them? Yes, it’s about shoes and well I’m sure, you all know I’m talking about Adidas, don’t you? I don’t think that there’s any other shoe out there that has got that name. It’s incredible when you’re thinking about the whole Superstar era and its cult status for many years.

Hey Gardener – I’m in love with the nature…
Outfit: PKZ MEN, www.pkz.ch

It’s one of those days – you are sleepy and hanging around in your bed. The sunrays tickle you and put a smile on your face. You can get up highly motivated and in a good mood. Because it is promised to get a really beautiful summer day.