From summer into...

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...Summer! Directly back to it again. I’m quite happy about my timing and luck this time. It could have been way a lot worse. It seems as if I just missed the darker days and spent them in a sunny city instead. I love the Spanish cities and I always enjoy my time there, no matter if it is job-related or for a short holiday.

But one bigger problem appeared. My most important device got stolen. My smartphone. I was shocked, annoyed and angry at the same time. But on the other hand, a holiday with a smartphone by my side 24/7 is not a real holiday. It’s really bad that it happened, but it led me enjoy the break even more intensively.

Speaking of breaks. They are always important. Not only when it comes to long work days but also after some months. As my job is not really made for long-term holiday plans, it’s great when a holiday just works out. The time-out helps me in different aspects. First, I can recharge a lot of energy and give my body the recovery it needs to hold the shape. Second, like this I can get new inspiration for the next period of time and projects. With the break the motivation starts to grow again as the energy level rises as well.

Now, I’m back in the business already. And I’m looking forward to the new projects during the next months.

Outfit: HUGO by Hugo Boss

Take care & write you soon...



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