Sports fashion – back on track…

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…with the highest motivation possible after a short time-out and break from social media and also from sports. Why? Because little breaks from my training routine makes me longing more for a come-back. On one hand it’s good to give your body and brain a little break to fully relax and recharge and on the other hand, it increases your motivation level to come back even stronger, more focused and with a lot more energy. 

And of course another motivating factor are the sport clothes. That’s what I want to talk about in this blog post. I know, I have probably already mentioned or talked about which impact sports fashion has on your overall motivation. And I just can highlight it here again. Being dressed in a fancy and stylish outfit makes me so much more willing to practice sports. And well, the most important thing is that the outfit is comfortable to you and matching your style. 

What I like to wear the most when working out is the current trend of wearing tights and a shorts above it for the lower body. The tights can be bold and in colors and set a highlight in the overall outfit. But not only they look stylish, they also keep you warm on colder days or when working out outdoors and have a stabilizing effect on the muscles. Especially when having a leg day, I love to wear them. 

And of course don’t forget about a funtional t-shirt or tanktop and just make sure to choose a rather simple color when wearing bright tights or vice versa. And then you just have to add some cool sneakers, gladly in a bright color, to round up your outfit. 

Sounds like a cool next sports session, doesn’t it?

Take care & write you soon…



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