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…and on a beautiful rooftop. Ok, I know, I am repeating myself when I keep saying how much I love rooftops in summer. I think it’s just the perfect place to spend the summer nights, either alone or with a group of friends. The place for good food, delicious drinks and interesting conversations. 

But the question is: What to wear when you’re invited to a rooftop party or dinner? I’d say keep it simple and according to the temperatures. In summer, it’s pretty hot, so for the lower part, there is only one option -  shorts. And it doesn’t matter if you go for chino shorts, jeans or sporty ones. It’s always more important how you’re going to combine it.

In this case, I’ve chosen my light blue ripped jeans shorts and combined it with a light blue wrinkled shirt. And because it’s summer, you can wear the shirt unbuttoned. It gives your body the chance to breathe and looks more casual and suitable for the summer time. Moreover, if it gets colder the longer the night lasts, you still can button it up to avoid freezing. 

To finish your look, all you have to do is to choose the right accessories. For the shoes, go either for some cool sneakers, chucks or sandals. I went for some cool and used chucks but also the sandals are having a little revival this year. So you’re pretty fine if you’re choosing the most comfy ones. And one more thing, don’t forget the sunglasses (yes, I did) on one hand to protect your eyes from the sun and on the other one, you will look even more stylish. 

I think you’re ready now, to join any rooftop party you will get invited to.

Location: Goldkind Concept, Zurich

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