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What a wonderful place to be! Switzerland and all the different nature parts is simply fantastic and I make sure to show you more of these places within the next months. We often forget just that fact as we’re trapped in beautiful but business cities like Zurich, Basel or Geneva and we feel too busy and exhausted to even explore something new. 

That’s why I’m happy that we had the opportunity to visit this area. Saas-Fee is combining many different aspects and therefore makes it a perfect place to solve the problem of being overloaded. Take two or three days off in your busy schedule, hop on the train (much easier and quicker) and drive towards this lovely piece of mother nature.

After 3 hours of travel, you’re arriving at 1‘798 m.a.s.l and you can feel the cooler breeze and the pure air in this area. And the best thing: There are no cars as you need to leave your car at the village entrance. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re travelling by car or by train, you can feel the huge difference and the calmness within the streets immediately. 

So, what to do in this lovely area to relax and recharge in the best way?


We’ve been invited by the Luxury Boutique Five-Star Wellness Retreat The Capra Saas-Fee. As the name says already, it’s the perfect place for relaxation. One part of your getaway really needs to be this kind of activity. Enjoying the wellness area by Peak Health Switzerland with massages and all the different Spa options. 


In my opinion, sports is part of a relaxation getaway as well. Sure, you do not need to run 10km in this area or hit the gym for hours. The beauty here lies in the nature as well as the yoga activities you can join in the hotel. In addition, just take some hours and go on a hike. I’m sure, you won’t regret it. Meeting the beautiful nature as well as the cute groundhogs and just enjoy the time brings the calmness we all need from time to time. 


This topic may be overrated and I clearly don’t think that we need 10 hours of sleep each night. However, many people (including myself) do not have enough sleep. I talk about 4-5 hours per night or even less. It’s not a problem in short-term but long-term well… It’s not really healthy. That’s why being at such a place gives me the time to calm down and sleep a good average of 8 hours. 


And what's important? Of course, a healthy and balanced diet is crucial. Since you are on holiday, you can also treat yourself to a few cheat meals. But with Peak Health's healthy nutrition options at The Capra Saas-Fee, you're spoilt for choice and it's easy to find your balance.

The next stop will be Germany for work. However, the next getaways for relaxation with some impressions will follow soon.  

Hotel: The Capra Saas-Fee

Take care & write you soon…



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