It’s getting cold and wet outside…

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…and it’s definitely not my time, season-wise spoken. I mean, I love and appreciate living in a place where we have all four seasons but this kind of transitional season in between fall and winter is just annoying. Yes, sorry for that. 

And you don’t really know what to wear. It’s already cold but not that cold for the heavy winter stuff yet and with the fall jackets you are going to freeze, if spending too much time outside. So it’s a constantly taking on and off story all day long. 

Moreover, the weather is not showing its bright side, which makes it difficult to shoot cool pictures and content. Most of the time it’s dark and grey and even raining. No sunshine during the day, not at all. Kind of frustrating, right? 

However, the art is to still keep smiling and see the positive side, above all. It’s hard and you can even feel it when walking through the streets, that people are more depressed than in spring or summer. 

But that doesn’t have to be. As you know me, I always try to be positive and see the good things in every situation. Therefore, I often walk through the streets with a little smile or at least a happy and welcoming expression. It’s not always easy as I already mentioned. But on the other hand, it’s also not getting better when pulling a mad face. So try to have some warm and happy thoughts and think of something you look forward to experience pretty soon. 

Therefore, keep smiling and enjoy your weekend, no matter the weather. 

Take care & write you soon…



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