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Outfit: Adidas Performance

Well... Sport is a main part of my daily routine. You all know that. However, the whole topic is not only job-related – I really love it. Gym might be my priority as it is efficient and there’s no need to have a look at the weather conditions or other aspects. But beside that, I like a good mixture between lifting weights and endurance sports. This is why I do running on a regular basis as well as tennis or squash.

Moreover I can combine these sports with my social life, which is the positive aspect. Sure, I can do that when I hit the gym also, or let’s say I could. But when I’m having my work-out there, it’s not really about talking and fun but focusing instead. So if you want to join a gym session with me, you really need to work out.

Back to running. It’s getting quite cold now in Zurich and with such temperatures some additional challenges are coming up. Compared to spring and summer you cannot only wear shorts and a shirt. Or better said, you should not. Make sure to put on a lighter or warmer jacket depending on the outside temperature. Of course too warm clothes are also not appropriate for doing endurance sports. Therefore practicing outdoor sports during winter time needs some information about what outfit (e.g. clothes, shoes, gloves, caps) might be adequate for the low temperatures or even snowy streets. So my advice is to put on only as many clothes that you are still freezing a little before starting to your run. And if the temperatures are decreasing below 0 degrees celcius I would rather consider indoor sports. You can also run on a treadmill – so I’m sure you’re going to be fine as well.

Outfit: Adidas Performance

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