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Well, not the location nor the outfit fit this term perfectly. But it kinda reminded me of this description, that’s why I changed the meaning of the word combination a bit. An industrial area meets a stylish chic outfit. The part of Zurich here shows a former factory area. Since 1980 it is popular for its cultural events.

And for the stylish chic outfit you do not really need a lot. Take a leather jacket for the rather urban mood, combine black jeans and a simple t-shirt and you’re done already. It gives you that kind of manly and rough look. None of the pieces can be outdated I’d say. And as so often I think that less is even more. Here you can see that with only a few simple pieces, styled together the right way, you’ll get a cool look. Sometimes we even think too much or complicated when it comes to putting together a stylish look. Fashion is not complicated at all. With a good portion of self-confidence and bit of stylish flair you can almost combine everything.

Personally, I like to spend some time in this kind of areas. Strolling around, finding the new as well as older characteristics (the building goes back to 1892) and get some creative inspiration in terms of art in different areas. The red color makes the area and the building itself even more interesting. Having the same kind of building but some meters higher and adding fire exit stairs on every floor – I’d see myself in one of the blocks in New York City.

Speaking about New York City, I really can say that I love this city so much. It’s pure inspiration to me since the people there so hip and fashionable. I can’t describe why I love it that much but it’s just the special vibe you get when being there. And I really hope I will be able to make it to New York for the Men’s Fashion Week in July for the fall/winter season.

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