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…the wonderful summer vacation we spent on that beautiful Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Long time ago when I was in Ibiza for the last time, most probably more than 6 years ago. And this time was very different, because it changed a lot. 

Not because of Ibiza itself but more because of the Coronavirus which is still affecting our lives and still will for a longer time. So we need to get used to it and try to live with it. And that’s what we did. We planned this vacation already long time ahead before Coronavirus turned everything upside down. And we could travel to Ibiza with our friends anyways in the end.

Yes, it was different than usually but not less beautiful. It was more on the relaxing and recharging side, less parties more quality time with good and long chats on the terrace of our villa. Visiting the less crowded old town, eating in delicious restaurants and spending days at the numerous stunning beaches. 

And not to forget about the amazing day trip on a rented boat to visit Formentera, a beautiful little island next to Ibiza with clear turquoise water and amazing sandy beaches. This is definitely something I would recommend to do whenever you are going to be in Ibiza. Rent a boat with a couple of friends and spend all day on the sea, jump into the incredible blue water and have a good time with sunbathing, chatting and watching the sun setting while driving back to the harbor of Ibiza. 

It felt so good to spend a week abroad from home at the beach and the sea. This is always so nourishing for my soul and the perfect place to disconnect and recharge my batteries. And I am already looking forward where to travel next (if we are able to do so). 

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