Home sweet Home...

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…is the place where I can retrieve and recharge my batteries after busy and stressful days or even weeks. I have been traveling a lot in the past weeks and months. And you know me, I love traveling and to experience new things, cities, cultures and meeting people all around the world to connect and work with. 

But sometimes, I just want to have some days at home, no traveling, no suitcase-packing or thinking about the next outfits I need to take with me and organizing that everything is happening the right way at the right time. And home is the place to retrieve and to recharge. Well, I could also do that at a lonely beach, I guess, but at home is where you feel comfortable the most, or at least this is how it should be, isn’t it?

You can be dressed and walk, or better said, hang around like you want and like nobody is watching you. I really enjoy that. I love to spend a day on the couch or on my balcony, in my most comfy jogging pants, reading a good book, watching some TV or just napping for a bit. Yes, I love naps. Sometimes, I even make a nap after lunch on a busy day where I had to get up early. But just make sure you only take a power nap, which shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes because otherwise you will fall in a deep sleep and waking up afterwards is even harder.

However, in the busy lives we have nowadays, it’s important to take a day off at home for yourself. Without having any big plans or program, just a little bit of buming around and recharging your body, mind and soul.

Take care & write you soon…



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