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…when traveling a city? What is important to you? What do you wanna see and experience when discovering a new city? Is it about all the different sights? The history? The culture? The people?

All the people are different and so are their interests and goals when planning a city trip. I see so many tourists running from one sight to the other, quickly taking their photos in front of a monument or on a beautiful and crowded square, having lunch or dinner at the typical touristic spots. For some of you, this might exactly be the travel goal. And that’s perfectly fine if it’s matching with your interests. 

Other ones are more interested in the cultural and historical aspects of a city. Means they might visit different museums, exhibitions or old monuments to discover and relive the history of the city or to imagine how everything happened. Other ones show a bigger interest in the architecture of the city and want to compare all the different buildings from the old to the new ones. This is certainly very interesting and belongs at some part to a city trip to know more about the city. 

And then there are people like me. Whose travel goal is to feel the vibe of the city. To get to know the culture, the people living there, to see hidden places, to go where locals go and to do what locals do. Dining in local restaurants with delicious local food and not in the touristic places with average main stream dishes. It’s about getting the mood of the city which is so magical when discovering a new one. And that might need more than one visit because it’s sometimes not always love at first sight. 

But I can definitely say, and well I’ve traveled many times to Barcelona already, but I got the vibe and I love spending time in that city and discovering new places every time I am there. 

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