Always wear what…

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…you want! YOU. It’s about your life, so you decide. Not your parents, your brother or sister or your friends, not the magazines. Sure everyone can give you advice in case something really looks unflattering to you and you don’t seem to notice it or you can get inspired by the latest fashion trends. But no matter what you prefer – no outfit is bad on principle. If you feel rather going for a sporty look then go for it. If you feel like wearing a classy suit, do it. As long as you feel like the person you are and not somebody else instead.

I guess the older and mature we get, the less we think about what other people may think. Where’s the point anyway in wearing things you don’t even like, which don’t really fit and the most important one: which are not comfortable? There’s no reason for doing that. Except the job situation, but that’s clear. You can’t work in a law firm or in a bank and wearing a pink sports suit and yellow sneakers. Well you can but… I’m not sure how long you’d be working there.

Anyway, no matter how you’re feeling now: Go out in the things you like and which make you feel better.

Outfit: Adidas Originals

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